Welcome to AIMAIZED

Welcome to AIMAIZED

Welcome to advanced AI HELPER which will leave you AIMAIZED!

What you can do here? Well actually it's what you can't do here, anything you need at your fingertips here are some of the thungs this platform offers.


AI Chat – chat with the AI and ask your questions

AI Code – Generate code in any programming language via AI

Speech to Text – create transcription of audio and video files

Generate Content in any language

Unlimited Custom Templates

60+ Content creation templates available (More to Come Soon):

Blog Ideas

Blog Intros

Blog Titles

Blog Section

Blog Conclusion

Article Writer

Article Rewriter

Article Outlines

Talking Points

Paragraph Writer

Content Rephrase

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Headlines

Google Ad Titles

Google Ad Descriptions

LinkedIn Ad Headlines

LinkedIn Ad Descriptions

App and SMS Notifications

Text Extender

Content Shorten

Grammer Checker

Quora Answers

Summarize for a 2nd grader


Bullet Point Answers




Passive to Active Voice

Pros and Cons

Rewrite With Keywords


Emails V2

Email Subject Lines

Startup Name Generator

Company Bios

Company Mission

Company Vision

Product Name Generator

Product Descriptions

Amazon Product Titles

Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon Product Features

Social Media Post (Personal)

Social Media Post (Business)

Instagram Captions

Instagram Hashtags

Twitter Tweets

YouTube Titles

YouTube Descriptions

YouTube Outlines

LinkedIn Posts

TikTok Video Scripts

SEO Meta Tags (Blog Post)

SEO Meta Tags (Homepage)

SEO Meta Tags (Product Page)

Tone Changer

Song Lyrics



FAQ Answers

Testimonials / Reviews

More Coming…


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